Paris Cocktail Week

The Paris Cocktail Week 2016 will be taking place between 23 and 30 January 2016. Think about it: wouldn’t be nice to have a week entirely dedicated to cocktails? A week where you would be able to drink them in magnificent or even off the beaten paths cocktail bars. A week where you would learn how to make your own cocktails and attend cocktail Masterclasses or other exciting activities. Well, dream no more as this is real, and all happening during the Paris Cocktail Week 2016

Why To Go

Taste new cocktails especially made for Paris Cocktail Week

Discover new and cool cocktail bars

Attend cocktail Masterclasses featuring talented mixologists

What To Know

It is necessary to reserve a free pass on the internet to participate. The link will be provided ASAP

With this pass, it is possible to get discounts on certain drinks.

The list of activities and participating bars in Paris Cocktail Week will be updated soon!

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